10 12, 2015

A Secret Weapon to Fight Climate Change: Dirt

Forward by David Rose

Article by Debbie Barker and Michael Pollan

With the 2015 United Nations Year Of The Soil drawing to a close, we have an opportunity to pause and look at how awareness in the world has grown – the understanding and appreciation we now have that our fate as a planet and our […]

10 11, 2015

From Bitcoin to Beets

We invented joint stock companies in 1600, came to what appeared to be an inexhaustible continent, took everything, cut it up into pieces and started selling it to strangers, only to find ourselves finally selling Ones and Zeros and Sliced and Diced Who-Knows-What Derivatives to invisible strangers. In […]

3 11, 2015

Soil Carbon Restoration: Can Biology do the Job?

by Jack Kittredge


A great deal of discussion in scientific and governmental circles has been focused recently on how to deal with greenhouse gas emissions and the resulting weather extremes they have created. Most analysts believe we must stop burning fossil fuels to prevent further increases in atmospheric carbon, and find ways […]

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