Unified Field Corporation (UFC) is a sustainable community partnership bank model and systems development company. We believe in positive change to create sustainable, self-reliant and resilient communities. We believe in working diligently and sincerely together to create the prosperity we all envision.

Our Mission is to achieve global transformation and regeneration of our planet and humanity using new economic, financial and business models based on Oneness and applied across 9 Areas of Regeneration.

See our list of financial, legal, business development, media, education and community relations advisors and partners below.

UFC is not a bank, nor does it accept deposits, have deposit insurance or conduct any business that relates to providing financial transactional services to the public.

Our current focus is on the further development and expansion of UFC’s asset sharing network, The Regenerative Community Initiative (The RCI) in order to rapidly expand the first RCI projects: JustOne Organics™ and the JustOne Organics™ Gentle Drying Centers being launched across the USA. These projects, coupled with UFC’s innovative approach to creating project impact, will result in tremendous added value for local communities, farmers, the soil, the global food economy and the planet as a whole. At UFC, we are committed to doing our part to solve the most urgent issues we face together.

UFC Founder and CEO
Partner in BFKN Law; a National Bank Formation Attorney with over 100 new banks formed in 35 states and over 200 bank holding company clients
Co-Founder, Cutting Edge Capital, leading expert in intrastate Direct Public Offerings and grass roots investment innovations
Creative director of UFC’s transactional settlement software project
Author, economist, professor, global expert on Complimentary Currencies and Adviser Dual Currency transactional capabilities
Career financial services expert, coordinator for UFC’s Bank Acquisition Network
Founder, Managing Partner, WorldBridge Partners executive search; Global Practice Leader: Banking, Financial Services
investment and business development and strategist and adviser to the CEO
Executive Director to the Public Banking Institute, a national community publicly owned wholesale bank movement, educator, national speaker and community organizer
Co-Founder Calvert Fund, Social Venture Network, nationally socially responsible investment expert
Finance, Organization Development, Asset Acquisitions, Marketing and Paralegal Expert
Career Relationship-Based Community Development Banker, Sr. Lending Officer. Social Banking turnaround expert, Founder Vision Money. Map and Imagine Your Wealth Financial Literary Systems
UFC Media Partner, Author, Futurist, Global Economic Iconoclast. Founder, Ethical Markets and Ethical Markets TV
Media, Social Media, Network Designer, Environmental and Sustainability Asset Mapping Systems
Firefighter, Community Work Force and action organizer, Heart Resonance and Heart Coherence facilitator, developer of Unified Collaboration Systems
Author, educator, attorney, adviser on financial policy to 35 countries and the US Senate
JD, Former Tier 1 Bank Wealth Strategist and Wealth Management Adviser
UFC Advisors, Founding Investors, Shorebank Chicago