Forward by David Rose

Article by Debbie Barker and Michael Pollan

With the 2015 United Nations Year Of The Soil drawing to a close, we have an opportunity to pause and look at how awareness in the world has grown – the understanding and appreciation we now have that our fate as a planet and our health, as a species, is directly and forever linked to the health of our soil!

In addition, that our farmers (those of us who have our hands in the soil every day) work directly to nourish the life in the soil that creates and sustains our own lives are our environmental heroes!

As we look around and ask who else is becoming aware of this and excited to share the good news, it is so encouraging to see an article like this one, found on the Washington Post website, here.

community garden

Now, it’s our turn… to take this news in … to let it grow within us, our families, our communities… our world.

Please join me in sharing the good news of the soil and our organic farmers with your communities – not just today, but every day until we see a world we truly want to live in blossoming all around us.

To our collective best!

Read Washington Post Article Here