UFC is a sustainable community development models and systems company. UFC is designing and facilitating initiatives that will empower communities across the country to advance on their Road to Sustainability. UFC’s work in the 9 Areas of Regeneration, in connection with several existing grassroots project finance tools, will provide inspired and committed stakeholders with the support they need to effect positive environmental, social, cultural and economic change for all community members. UFC is dedicated to supporting the localization of our economies through implementation of high impact sustainable infrastructure projects in these 9 Areas. Additionally, as State and Federal regulators are able to approve applications for permission to organize and operate Sustainable Community Partnership Banks, this powerful tool can be added to the resources focused on building healthy quadruple bottom-line local economies.

Quadruple Bottom-Line is the realization that a community’s natural ecosystems, the social and educational opportunities, the interactions among its people and the strength of its cultural vitality are all necessary to create and sustain a strong resilient economy for all community members for the long term. UFC’s systems are designed to provide practical support for high-impact improvements to the local Quadruple Bottom-Line.

The Environmental domain speaks to upholding ethics and standards that responsibly use, preserve and regenerate the vital resources in our environment of land, water, air and other natural resources in the bioregion. The Social domain focuses on the progress of our community and business stakeholders and aims to generate social benefit for all parties involved and affected by the work we do. The Cultural domain seeks to uphold and nurture the vitality and richness that culture provides our lives and communities at large. The Financial domain focuses on the viability, healthy growth and investments to stimulate economic vitality and resilience in the 9 Areas of Regeneration and is actually a report card on how well a community is doing in creating strength in the other three domains.

The Regenerative Community Initiative (RCI) is a national initiative being launched by UFC to engage with local community social entrepreneurs and sustainable business activists to advance a community along its Road to Sustainability. The RCI is a comprehensive system that provides participating communities, their coordinators and approved projects with orientation, training, tools and support to develop and implement high impact sustainable infrastructure projects in the local community in one of the 9 Areas of Regeneration. Licensed participants in the local RCI are equipped with the needed support to develop diverse stakeholder support, expertise, knowledge sharing with other communities doing similar projects within the system and access to appropriate grassroots financing tools to democratize the participation of community members in the funding and profitability of the work.

Early and essential tasks in planning the work of transforming the operational life of a community include being able to identify the steps between Now Status, Ongoing Progress and Future Goals, and being able to map progress and achievement along the way.

The Road to Sustainability is a developmental perspective that UFC uses to clarify where a community is now on its own path to 100% sustainability, resiliency and regeneration in all 9 Areas of Regeneration.

By adopting a long term view of and a commitment to moving forward along the Road to Sustainability, we can then set progress milestones and metrics, and the ability to communicate the good news of such progress to the community at large. Enrolling a general understanding of the importance of this perspective, and the excitement of real achievements incrementally toward such a crucial and definable goal, will foster a general sense of hope and possibility, and will engage more civic action that will further accelerate our movement forward. Every community’s Road to Sustainability will vary, as each has different starting places and evolving priorities. By utilizing the RCI system, complimentary skill sets and collaborative alliances will be cultivated among member communities, and the inspired momentum of all our successes will be shared!

High-impact projects are infrastructure improvements in one or more of the 9 Areas that create significant advancement along the Road to Sustainability. High-impact projects uphold standards and ethics along all four bottom lines in their area and industry. They generate financial return for investors, while creating long-term direct value for the community through green local job creation and a healthy revitalization of the local financial ecology.
Grassroots funding identifies available methods of bringing regular people together to collectively fund high-impact projects in ways that allow them to share in the risk and return of committing to participate financially in the regeneration of their community. Some Grassroots Funding methods require regulatory applications and approvals, and UFC’s legal relationships and templates are available to licensed RCI participants as resources to correctly steward these application processes. The RCI includes educating, empowering and supporting local communities with strategies to invest in their own regenerative future through such funding mechanisms. Grassroots funding education and methods are provided through UFC engaged legal firms specializing in the promotion and implementation of such inclusive and empowering methods.

UFC continues to develop its two overarching systems, the Regenerative Community Initiative and the UFB bank application and (as approvals for permission to organize and operate these banks can be obtained) innovative Sustainable Community Partnership Bank business operating systems. UFC has developed additional system components to accelerate a community’s progress along its Road to Sustainability. These components include:

Alignment – a process for building healthy functioning team and alliance relationships

The Organic Local Food Park™ – one of the first high impact project templates being started in several pilot communities this year to accelerate the strengthening of organic local food systems.

Innovative bank transaction software to provide more control for local businesses of their accounts payables processes.

Unified Field Leadership Training to give participants new tools to successfully apply their own heart resonant leadership skills and to make that practice more consistent and effective through improvements in their relationship with money as a key values integrity awareness tool.

Unified Field Sustainable Banking Research, Education and Training Center – a research, learning and training school to assist banking professionals to integrate unified field business principles into their practice of Sustainable Community Partnership Banking within existing rule of law and within the context of our ever changing and challenging financial environment.

Unified Field Media – an integrated set of media outreach and empowerment platforms designed to tell the story of sustainability and regeneration as it is born in our communities; to provide the most advanced and exciting user experience and connectivity to assist in an acceleration of the great collaboration already occurring and so urgently needed for us all to succeed together.

Are you feeling inspired and committed to bring the RCI to your community? The next step is to Click Here to download our information package including our RCI Community Checklist that identifies how you assess which areas will most help your community move successfully through the initiative. At the same time, sign up for our newsletter and consider joining us at our Unified Field Leadership Training! Unified Field Leadership Training is the best way to experience the vision and spirit of our work, and is the first step to beginning the Initiative in your area. Affinity groups and community teams from local regions are encouraged to attend together.
No, UFC is not a bank. UFC is a sustainable community development model and systems company. Our work includes a business operating model for Sustainable Community Partnership Banking. As all required approvals to organize and operate such banks in selected communities can be applied for and received over time, we plan to bring this innovative form of community banking to bear on the task of strengthening regenerative local economies. Until those applications are submitted and approved, capitalized and opened for business within full regulatory compliance with existing laws, we are focused on advancing early non-bank systems with our licensed community partners to create significant impact on their own Road to Sustainability through system support of selected high impact projects in one or more of the 9 Areas of Regeneration.

Sustainable Community Partnership Banking (SCPB) is an innovative commercial/retail community bank business operating model that provides improvements in the way a local bank operates in service of what we feel is a bank’s true purpose – “To steward a healthy, local, quadruple bottom-line economy”.

This model applies three service platforms into the operation of a bank:

  1. sustainable and local-only application of capital
  2. partnership between the bank and its community of depositors and borrowers
  3. a greater level of transparency: UFC’s SCPB system will provide many additional layers of support and collaboration to help SCP banks thrive through the regenerative economics facilitated within their communities.
Unified Field Bank™, or UFB, is the trade name for the innovative Sustainable Community Partnership Bank™ operating model designed by UFC. At this time, there are no UFBs in operation. Operations will begin after communities have been successful in obtaining the required approvals from state and federal authorities to organize, capitalize and operate these banks, and after such development activities have proceeded successfully and within full compliance with the law.

UFC will only support well-intended efforts by deeply aligned people and organizations who are committed to bring our banking innovations to their communities through the proper business, ethical and legal channels, which include applying for and being approved to join the UFC support system, submitting for and obtaining mandatory approvals from all required regulatory agencies before beginning to talk with others about starting to organize or capitalize a UFB.

UFC is currently working with several communities in what is known as our Regenerative Community Initiative, which is purposed to implement local high-impact sustainable infrastructure projects that can have an early impact on the resiliency of a community while bank applications are being researched and drafted for submittal.