UFC creates common sense innovations that help pave the way to healthy, resilient, local economies through viable and profitable local projects. We operate on principles of mutuality and connectivity found in natural systems and help local projects deepen their impact. We do this in a variety of ways, which include asset sharing, collaborative scalabilty, and whole system economics.

  1. Projects and Business in 9 Areas of Regeneration
  2. Quadruple Bottom Line Business
  3. Whole Systems Economics
  4. Regenerative Community Initiative

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If we want to solve a problem, we have to think and act differently than we were thinking and acting when we created the problem.

We want to pave the way to a brighter future by empowering others to work together for the common good. This is why we think about systems and are constantly innovating. Our innovations include:

The food brand, JustOne Organics™ – using Gentle Dry technology to turn fresh produce into dry whole fruit and whole vegetable flakes, while supporting local farming, soil health, body health and community vitality. More about this project…

The Regenerative Community Initiative – helping our food projects amplify positive impact on local jobs, resilient food systems and viable, thriving communities. This is where asset sharing and collaborative scalability come into play.

Nutritive Density Testing – applying new technology to perform deep nutrient scanning of the actual nutrition present in food and making our food systems nutrient accountable for the first time